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The Lakeside Dining Room is the place to be at Stafford Lakes!

In addition to being one of our most luxurious Retirement Communities, Stafford Lakes boasts a very special on-site dining experience. The Lakeside Dining Room serves gourmet lunches monthly with sweeping views of the beautiful lake, as the name suggests. Since it opened its doors in 2016, this restaurant has been run exclusively by residents, and the “Lunch in the Lakes” restaurant team celebrated its 90th event in February.

TriCare Retirement Living Stafford Lakes - Lunch in the Lakes
The Lunch in the Lakes team

The original team of six residents had their first trial event for 16 residents in August 2016, and it was such a success that monthly lunches began in November 2016. All food is purchased, cooked, and prepared by the team of residents. Today, the Lakeside Dining Room is a staple for the Stafford Lakes community, and 11 residents are needed to share the load.

In mid-2017, four of the Lunch in the Lakes team completed courses with ‘Rational Chef Training’ so they could use the commercial kitchen oven and equipment. The team prepares an average of 46 meals for each monthly event, and even more at Christmas time! To ensure everyone can enjoy the lovely cuisine, when requested, the Lunch in the Lakes team prepares takeaway meals for residents.

TriCare Retirement Living Stafford Lakes - Lunch in the Lakes
Wendy and Helen

At the 90th event celebrations the menu consisted of corned silverside, potato salad, Mediterranean green salad, crusty bread rolls, and butter. For dessert there was a special 90th event cake and Italian sparkling mineral water, in addition to BYO beverages.

The March 2023 menu included:

Autumn Roast Lamb – sourced from Rode Meats up the road from the Residence, known by the Lunch in the Lakes team as the best butcher in Brissy!
Baked Vegetables and Rosemary Infused Gravy
Dinner Roll and Butter
Special Dessert

April 2023 diners will enjoy:

Rode Chicken Schnitzel – sourced from their favourite butcher!
Chips with Sour Cream
Greens with Mustard Dressing
Hot Bread Roll and Butter
‘Lunch in the Lakes’ Fruit Danish and Custard 

With these kinds of menus, it’s no surprise the monthly lunches are so popular!

These functions have proved an excellent opportunity for team and resident camaraderie and fellowship. Participants have also been able to acquire new skills and apply them in an enjoyable real-life setting. They have truly created an excellent dining experience, as residents constantly commend the team for the quality of the food.

To visit the Stafford Lakes Retirement Community, book a tour here or visit their webpage here.