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What to ask when considering a Retirement Community

Making the move to a retirement community can be ripe with opportunities; a new, relaxed lifestyle, new friendships, a new home to make your own! But there are often questions that need to be asked to ensure that you are choosing the right community for your needs. Not all Retirement Communities are created equal. Below, we’ve noted some key questions you should be asking so you can be certain that the community you choose is the right fit.

TriCare Retirement Living Blog - What to ask when considering a Retirement Community

How much will it cost to move in? Will I have to pay anything if I need to move out in the future?

This is the million-dollar question (figuratively speaking)! The cost to move into a retirement village will vary depending on several factors including:

  • The location of the community
  • The type of dwelling you want
  • The services you will need

When you tour a prospective Retirement Community, make sure you ask all the questions you need to be clear about the costs involved, including any fees or charges that may arise if you need to move again in the future. Moving out fees can vary from state to state, so it’s important to understand the requirements in the state you’re buying in.

It’s also wise to consult a financial advisor who specialises in retirement living, who can give expert advice based on your specific situation.

What will my home look like? Am I able to renovate or make changes to it? Who is responsible for maintenance and cleaning?

Possibly the most important aspect of your move to a Retirement Community is the type of dwelling you choose. It is recommended that you think about how your care needs might change as you age, and whether this will have an impact on the kind of home that will best suit your needs.

At TriCare Retirement Communities, there are options to suit all needs. Depending on the TriCare location, residents can choose from studio apartments, all the way up to 3-bedroom villas. And while all of our Independent Living homes offer general property and garden maintenance, some of our villages offer Serviced Apartments. In our Serviced Apartments, residents enjoy the benefits of a cleaning, laundry, and meal service.

We welcome residents to alter their home, though anything major will require prior approval from the Village Manager.

Will I have a space to park my car (or caravan or boat)?

It’s no good moving into a Retirement Community and realising you’ve got nowhere to store your pride and joy. Villas often come with a garage or driveway, but if you choose an apartment, be sure to ask about the parking situation. And as for the boat, yes, our TriCare Runaway Bay community does have moorings available to residents!

Can I have visitors? How long can they stay?

Checking on visitor regulations will be important if you are wanting the grandkids or friends to stay overnight. Policies around this will differ between communities. In TriCare Retirement Communities, visitors are permitted overnight and for short stays, but for safety reasons in the event of an emergency, the Village Manager needs to be notified of their presence.

What about a pet?

Home isn’t home without our furry family members! Again, this is a key question to clear up before deciding whether a community is right for you. TriCare communities allow new residents to bring their existing pet with them to their new home, subject to approval.

TriCare Retirement Living Blog - What to ask when considering a Retirement Community

What is there to do in the village?

We are so glad you asked! Activities and facilities provided in any given Retirement Community are as varied as the residents who live in them! Consider what’s important to your lifestyle, so you can ask about the facilities provided. If a specific facility, such as a pool or gym, isn’t available onsite, check to see whether there is one nearby. Most of our TriCare communities are equipped with a pool, gym, library, and communal areas. Many also have a community bus to help residents access the community more easily.

At TriCare Retirement Communities, our residents are often to be found organising and attending everything from exercise classes to trivia nights to day trips away. Many Retirement Communities have resident-run social or activity committees, so check to see whether there is scope to start a new group or activity if one doesn’t already exist.

Before choosing a Retirement Community, be sure to ask all the questions you need. You may even have the chance to talk to current residents whilst on a tour and find out what they love most about the village. At TriCare, our Village Managers are only too happy to answer your questions, so you can be certain you’ve made the right decision. Book a tour or contact us now and take the first step on your retirement adventure.

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