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Rita’s Marvellous Artistic Talent

The creativity and talent of our residents will never cease to amaze us. Just one example of this pool of inspiration is Rita Herman, who is a resident at our Mt Gravatt Aged Care Residence.

Rita has been a resident at Mt Gravatt since 2014. Every Tuesday morning, residents take part in art and craft activities with Joy. Everyone gets involved and expresses their creative side, which is wonderful to see. Rita in particular never fails to attend these sessions and this diligence shows in her extraordinary art works.

Last week she exhibited her incredibly creative ability with lettering work for Christmas. Here is some of her work.

The Lifestyle Team at Mt Gravatt delight in seeing Rita’s art. Through seeing her process, it is clear that anyone who thinks that art is easy is mistaken, and that it is indeed difficult putting thoughts to paper. It also requires a lot of patience and time until it is finished.

We think Rita is amazing! We can only marvel at her talent and look forward to seeing what this artist creates next.

If you are interested in seeing the supportive Mt Gravatt community where Rita’s talent has flourished, why not book a tour? You can also speak to one of our Aged Care Specialists on 1300 874 2273.

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