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Seachange, Treechange, or Citychange – where to retire?

Retirement – it’s that time you’ve been dreaming of, when you can leave behind the cares of the workaday world and start living the way you have always wanted to. When considering your ideal retirement lifestyle, have you thought about where is best for you? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of city, country and coastal living – because whatever you decide, TriCare Retirement Living Communities have got you covered.

City Living

One of the biggest benefits of retiring in an urban area is ready access to all essential amenities, services, and transport options to make your retirement lifestyle just how you like it. Being close to family, friends, community, and health care services you are familiar with can make the move into retirement a smooth one. On top of this, retiring in the city will ensure that you are linked to all  new experiences and opportunities that city-living can bring, like seeing a theatre show, visiting a new market or festival, and making time to explore hidden gems and untapped sources of adventure that you just never got around to before. 

If you are looking to find an oasis of calm in the buzz and convenience of an urban setting, you should explore our city-based TriCare Retirement Living communities.

In Brisbane

Compton Gardens Retirement Village
Compton Gardens Retirement Village
Mt Gravatt Retirement Community
James Ommaney Retirement Village
James Ommaney Retirement Community
Stafford Lakes Retirement Community

In Melbourne

Hayville Retirement Living
Hayville Retirement Community

Country Living

If you dream of retiring to an idyllic country setting you are certainly not alone.  A recent study found that aspiring to live in a regional community was common amongst those aged between 55 and 74 years, and it’s easy to see why! Retiring in a country setting reduces the health impacts of pollution and the stressors associated with constant noise. A rural environment also provides many opportunities to be active in natural green spaces, as well as greater access to cheaper, locally grown food. A country-based retirement is also a great opportunity to shake up your social circle and discover the warmth of a small town. TriCare’s Retirement Living communities are ideal for meeting a new group of friends and neighbours, and you will also be supported by medical, recreational, and retail services in close proximity. 

If country living in retirement sounds like your cup of tea, book a tour of TriCare’s Retirement Living community in regional Queensland, Willow Glen Retirement Community. Located in Toowoomba, it offers an ideal balance between small city lifestyle and country living. Toowoomba has all the natural beauty and relaxed pace of the country while offering vibrant amenities, great public transport, and excellent medical facilities. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Willow Glen Retirement Community

Coastal Living

Enjoying a relaxing retirement lifestyle in a glorious coastal setting may just be the best of both worlds! While the benefits of green spaces are well known, recent research has found that spending time near “blue spaces” – near the sea – resulted in significant improvements in mental health and general wellbeing. Similarly, studies have shown that swimming in sea water can reduce stress and anxiety and have beneficial effects for those suffering from arthritis. Furthermore, a study from Japan reported that people who lived in a dwelling with a view of the ocean reported significantly higher levels of calmness and peace of mind than those without an ocean view. If that isn’t enough to start yearning for the fresh sea breeze, coastal living can provide all the convenience of living in the city, with all the health benefits of a rural setting. Imagine strolling along the beach at sunset, meeting old friends or new at a seaside café or taking the grandkids out for a beachside picnic.

If you’d love to dive right in to a carefree, coastal retirement lifestyle, discover how TriCare Retirement Living communities can help you to achieve your dream.

On the Gold Coast

Cypress Gardens Retirement Living
Cypress Gardens Retirement Community
Runaway Bay Retirement Community
Runaway Bay Retirement Community


Hastings Point Retirement Village view
Hastings Point Retirement Community

Still undecided? Book a tour at any of our Retirement Living communities today and discover the lifestyle that suits you. Get in touch on 07 3360 9000 or use our Contact Us form here.