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Social Inclusion: Connecting, Collaborating and Celebrating at TriCare

Recent research shows that staying connected to others and feeling part of your community is incredibly important. This helps to avoid the negative impacts of isolation and loneliness that can affect our mental health.

Throughout our younger years school and work provide an opportunity to regularly meet, interact and connect with others. However, after retirement, we can find ourselves increasingly isolated. A growing need for more connection and inclusion is one reason more and more people are choosing to move into a Retirement Community. With purpose-built shared facilities, a wide variety of organised activities and many things in common with your neighbours, our communities offer many ways to be socially involved with others.

So if you’re considering moving to a Retirement Community yourself, read on to learn more about social inclusion in TriCare communities and discover how our residents connect, collaborate and celebrate together.

Connection in the community

With a wide range of shared spaces and a close-knit and friendly community, making new friends and participating in various social activities is much easier. Whatever your interests, there’s sure to be plenty of opportunities for you to do your favourite things and connect with others who share those interests too.

Wake up to your low-maintenance home, followed by an early morning dip in the pool or walk through beautifully landscaped gardens. Enjoy a glass of wine or get together with friends in the community lounge in the evenings. The quality facilities within TriCare communities provide a welcoming environment to do the things you enjoy while also getting to know your neighbours.

Collaborating during group activities

Our communities each have busy lifestyle programs that give you the option to participate in as much or little as you please. There is something to suit everyone, from exercise classes to Friday night Happy Hour. Our Lifestyle Coordinators are committed to offering a diverse range of activities so that all residents feel included and accepted at all times.

Some recent activities that were a hit include a spring fashion show, cooking demonstrations, line dancing, morning coffee dates and chair yoga to name a few!

Celebrating moments together

Our enthusiastic Resident Social Committees organise most of the games and activities throughout our villages. They arrange get-togethers, special occasions, birthdays and special guest visitors. Getting the community together on special occasions to celebrate is a big part of life in TriCare, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or special event.

Each Resident Social Committee works with our staff to organise celebratory events regularly so there is always something fun coming up on the calendar. They make sure the decorations are up, the invites are out, there’s plenty to eat and drink and that everyone has a good time. You can catch up on the latest events and happenings on our TriCare Retirement Living Facebook page.

Vibrant retirement living

However you imagine spending your retirement, it’s always better with friends, so be sure to take steps to stay connected to others. Being part of a caring community gives you purpose to your days and sets you up for optimum mental and physical health—and you’ll have lots of fun in the process.

At TriCare Retirement Communities you have everything you need to stay connected to your community right on your doorstep. To see for yourself, organise a tour of our Communities and facilities today!

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