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Supportive environment at local Mt Ommaney retirement community

Having lived in the Mt Ommaney area for many years, Mardi Barker didn’t want to leave her friends and the community she knew so well when she began looking at retirement options.

A move to TriCare James Ommaney Retirement Community made sense. It was small, local and it was a supportive environment, especially as she has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

“After my husband passed away, I knew I had to make a change.”

“Friends and family encouraged me to look at TriCare James Ommaney. I moved in five years ago and haven’t looked back,” said Mrs Barker.

Due to Mrs Barker’s Parkinson’s disease, she needs to exercise frequently. Most weeks she will visit Queensland Ballet for exercises, the gym, hydro-therapy and has taken up non-contact boxing which is a relatively new treatment for the disease.

“Living at TriCare James Ommaney makes it is easy for me to get out and attend these exercise sessions, either with a friend picking me up and dropping me off or catching a taxi to and from,” said Mrs Barker.

Hidden away from the bustle of busy Brisbane, the family style community at TriCare James Ommaney provides independent living options and support so residents can find more time for themselves.

“The staff here are wonderful and very helpful, and I find the Village easy to get around.”

When asked what she enjoys most about living at TriCare James Ommaney, Mrs Barker says it is the friends she has made.

“Every night I sit at a table in the Village’s dining room with the same group of friends and we catch up on each other’s day.”

“TriCare James Ommaney is a boutique style of retirement living and that suits me. It really feels like family,” said Mrs Barker.