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The Christmas Cake – a poem

The talented and very funny Shirley Evans from our Hayville Retirement Community shared this hilarious poem about a Christmas Cake nobody wanted to eat. We hope it gives you a smile, and makes you think twice about saying ‘no, thank you’ next time someone offers you a slice!

The Christmas Cake

I made a lovely Christmas cake, so rich and full of flavour 

But on the day the family said “Please do us a favour 

Don’t ask us to eat any, we’re full right up to here 

We cannot eat another thing ’til after the New Year” 

So I put it in the cupboard 

On Boxing Day the neighbours called to bring us salutations 

We ate and drank and carried on like folk do on these occasions 

When I produced the Christmas cake, everyone declined 

“We’ve had enough rich food” they said. “We hope that you don’t mind” 

So it went back in the cupboard 

It was early in the New Year at a picnic by the lake 

I decided that the time was right to cut the Christmas cake 

All our friends were gathered, or as many as were able 

And I noticed there were three more Christmas cakes upon the table 

Mine went back to the cupboard 

In June we had a garage sale and cleared out all our junk 

We got rid of useless furniture and old clothes from a trunk 

Some-one bought our broken mower, a rusty spade and rake 

And we only asked two dollars for my lovely Christmas cake 

But it’s still in the cupboard 

If you drop in for morning tea and I offer you a slice 

Don’t say what all the others say, that it looks very nice 

And it’s a shame to cut it, or you’re trying to lose weight 

You can have the bloomin’ lot, and that includes the plate 

By Shirley Evans