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Why We Live Where We Live

A poem by Hastings Point Retirement Community resident Ralph Ewin

Why do we live where we live?
Because it’s our country is one good reason
This land down under the Southern Cross
A unique location whatever the season
A sunburnt island the land of Oz

Our retirement complex is near to the ocean
A leisurely 5 minute stroll to the beach
To take in the splendour of the sand, sea & sun
Is therapy in action, second to none

To be drawn to hear the sound of the surf
Or simply stand & gaze at the ocean
To swim, to surf, just paddle or fish
Absolute magic, what more could you wish?

What about the weather? I hear you say
We don’t get the extremes of heat or cold
Humidity sometimes comes into play
When summer really gets under way
And you get the occasional wind, but hey!
It can’t be prefect every day, can it?

There’s also access to local amenities
A drive to the shops or a bus at the door
And to the airport, convenient for sure
Medics and healthcare just minutes away
All pretty handy, wouldn’t you say?

You don’t have to garden or water the lawn
Take out the garbage or recycle to sort
The landscapers regularly doing their thing
The place looking tidy, our seaside resort

As for activities, just take your pick
There’s cards or choir to mention a few
The book club, the work shed, happy hour too
Ping pong, bus trips? Join the queue!
Ladies and men’s snooker, can you handle a cue?

Croquet, craft, a fitness and cycle group
Learn Spanish, mah-jong or Christian Connect
There’s tennis or trivia, gym or the pools
Morning coffee, movie matinee, gosh what’s

Then there’s the people we have come to know
A mixture of folk from near & afar
These strangers became our neighbours & so
From neighbours we have seen friendships grow

But one major factor taken into account
Was the TriCare units, all brand new
Ready & waiting, when we came on board
Especially at the price that we could afford

So this is what living here is all about
A place where there is freedom to come & go
And when you consider all the above
Why wouldn’t we live in this community we love
So now you know why we live where we live.