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Aged Care Respite for Carers

At TriCare, we understand the immense responsibility of caring for an elderly family member or loved one, which is why we offer dedicated Respite Care services tailored to your care needs.

Short-term respite care provides a vital break for carers who require time away for various reasons. With TriCare’s aged care respite services, you can rest assured that your loved one receives exceptional care in a secure and nurturing environment.

Whether you’re planning a vacation, facing an emergency, or simply need temporary relief from your caregiving duties, TriCare’s Respite Care services are there to support you.

All TriCare Aged Care Residences throughout Queensland and Victoria offer respite care for carers. This allows the person you care for to stay in one of our aged care residences for a few days or a few weeks when you need or want a break. You may also be eligible for government-subsidised respite care up to 63 days per year. 

You may also want to consider short-term respite care if your loved one requires specialised medical attention due to illness or recent surgery. Contact our TriCare team today to explore available Respite Care services near you.

Respite Care Inclusions

Respite Care Inclusions

Many carers struggle to find temporary replacements for their responsibilities. With TriCare’s Residential Respite Care, our dedicated team assumes caregiving duties, allowing you to rest, recharge, or attend to personal needs for a designated period.

Residential Respite Care provides your loved one with access to most of the support services that are also provided to the permanent aged care residents at TriCare. This ensures their needs are met in a safe and welcoming environment while you take a well-deserved break.

Respite Care does not allow us to develop an individual care plan, and there may be additional charges for medication, hairdressing services and allied health services such as physiotherapy, dentistry, podiatry, and nutrition advice.

Our Respite Care Services

Our Respite Care Services

Our Respite Care services offers a comfortable stay for loved one at one of our Aged Care Residences, where they receive dedicated care tailored to their needs. Services include accommodation, 24-hour nursing care, assistance with daily tasks, delicious and nutritious meals, cleaning and laundry services, social activities, and mobility assistance.

Your loved one’s Respite Care offers more than just temporary relief—it’s an opportunity to experience residential care first-hand. During their stay, they’ll immerse themselves in our community, gaining insights into daily life and support services.

With the chance to “try before you buy,” your loved one can assess if our Aged Care Residences align with their preferences and needs. It’s not uncommon for individuals to find a sense of belonging during their respite stay, paving the way for a permanent transition to our community.

At TriCare, we prioritise comfort, security, and well-being, ensuring every resident feels at home. Discover the potential of permanent living at our Aged Care Residences through a respite stay today.

What Our Residents' Loved Ones Have to Say

What Our Residents' Loved Ones Have to Say

Families often find that exploring Aged Care through a temporary Respite Care experience can provide valuable insights.

TriCare Williams Landing resident Martin Taylor first moved in to our Melbourne facility on a Respite Care stay.

“Dad absolutely loved his respite stay and has since moved in full-time,” Martin’s son, Danny explains.

“From the moment he moved in, we noticed a positive change in his outlook and health.”

Find out more about our TriCare Williams Landing Aged Care Residence in Melbourne.

Steps for entry into a TriCare Aged Care Residence

1. Provide ACAT Assessment
The Australian Government funds various care services, including Respite Care for seniors. To be eligible to receive Aged Care in Australia, your loved one must be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). You can apply for an assessment through My Aged Care, Services Australia.

If you already have an ACAT Assessment, please provide this to our team.

2. Get in touch
Book a FREE Consultation with our Aged Care Specialist Team or call 1300 874 2273. Our team will review your latest ACAT Assessment, and ask questions to understand your loved ones’ clinical needs and financial requirements, and explain our range of Respite Care services and accommodation options.

3. Tour a TriCare Residence
We recommend you visit your preferred location, meet our team, and ensure the suitability of the residence for your loved one’s Respite stay.

4. Complete an Application
If you would like to proceed with TriCare there are a number of steps to complete including providing the required documentation.

5. Accept the Offer of Place and commence your Respite Care stay
Our on-site team at your chosen Aged Care Residence will support your loved one through their Respite Care stay.

Frequently Asked Questions – Respite Care

How does Residential Respite Care differ from Respite Care at home?
While home-based respite care is an option, Residential Respite Care offers the assurance of 24-hour nursing care and support in a safe environment, providing you with the peace of mind of knowing that your loved one is in a secure homely environment, supported by carers, who are experts in specialised care for seniors.

What should I expect to pay?
Government-subsidised respite care is available to people who have been approved for residential care by the Australian Government’s Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). You can read more on Residential Aged Care Respite costs and contracts here.