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It’s a hole in one for TriCare Runaway Bay Retirement Community

There were a number of prizes up for grabs at TriCare Runaway Bay Retirement Community’s annual putting competition this month.

Held over three weeks on a Friday morning, 25 resident golfing enthusiasts put their putting skills to the test on TriCare Runaway Bay’s purpose built nine hole putting green.

Resident golfer, Brian Hughes, says August is the best time of year to run this competition because of the great weather.

“TriCare Runaway Bay has been holding the putting competition for many years and it is well supported by the residents.

You don’t necessarily have to be good at golf – there is more luck than skill involved when it comes to putting!” said Mr Hughes.

Scores are tallied over the three weeks and awards for ‘most holes in one’ and ‘lowest score’ are given out a week later.

However, it’s not too serious!

Residents look forward to the competition each year says Village Manager, Malcolm Payne.

“It’s a great opportunity to get together, have some fun and exercise all at the same time.

They also have an encouragement award to keep people interested. Each hole has a maximum of four strokes, after that, rumour has it, they stop counting!”said Mr Payne.

For further information contact the Village Manager, Malcolm Payne on 5500 2300.