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Residents find their voices at TriCare Compton Gardens

There has been a melodic tune floating through TriCare Compton Gardens Retirement Community with the recent formation of a resident choir.

An initiative of Heather Hill Home Care, TriCare Compton Gardens preferred home care service provider, the choir is in full swing and proving popular with the residents.

Heather Hill Home Care provides in-home services to South East Queensland seniors, allowing them to retain their independence and lifestyle wither they are at home, in a retirement village or aged care.

Heather Hill Home Care Business Manager, Hayley Clarke said they wanted to support an activity at the Village that was fun and a little different to most other activities offered at a retirement village.

“We thought that forming a choir was a great activity to reach people who might not readily get involved, and one that crosses all age groups and genders,” said Mrs Clarke.

The Compton Gardens choir is conducted by a professional Choir Master, Madelyn Brett.

Highly regarded in her field, Ms Brett is a graduate of the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music and previously a member of the Australian Girls Choir. She is currently a vocal coach with the well known Sono School of Music and Choir Master for their Adult Contemporary Choir.

With their first performance coming up quickly for the TriCare Compton Gardens Mother’s Day event, the 30 member choir has been busy picking songs and practicing every Friday.

Village Manager, Sandra Lasserre said that residents chose their songs via a ballot with Can’t help falling in love and Moon River being amongst their favourites.

“We are all very excited about the first performance and what the future holds for the choir,” said Mrs Lasserre.

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Image: TriCare Compton Gardens Retirement Community Choir