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Person-centred Memory Support

If your loved one requires a high level of support with day-to-day tasks and has been diagnosed with dementia or other cognitive impairments, it may be time to consider Residential Aged Care that can offer memory support care, also known as dementia care.

TriCare aims to provide specialised Aged Care that supports our residents with high care needs to lead an active, independent life when possible while ensuring they are always safe and secure. Our person-centered approach means that our residents are seen as individuals, each with their own interests, needs, and challenges.

Memory Support Inclusions

Memory Support Inclusions

All of TriCare’s Aged Care Residences offer dementia and specialised care, ensuring your loved one will experience superior clinical and social care in an environment that promotes familiarity, comfort, and independence.

In most cases, people with dementia or cognitive impairments are not required to live in a secure area. However, some of our locations offer Secure Memory Support Units for residents who wander, become confused or agitated, or experience challenging behaviours due to a cognitive condition. Our Secure Memory Support Units allow residents to move freely and access lounges, dining areas and gardens as they please. These areas are fully secured to provide continued freedom and comfort for our residents.

Residents receive the same care and inclusions as our permanent care residents, plus additional memory support.


Steps for entry into a TriCare Aged Care Residence

The Australian Government funds various care services, including Permanent Residential Aged Care for seniors. To be eligible to receive Aged Care in Australia, your loved one must be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). You can apply for an assessment through My Aged Care.

Book a Free Consultation with our Aged Care Specialist Team or call 1300 874 2273. Our team will ask questions to understand your loved ones clinical needs and financial requirements and explain our range of services and accommodation options.

We recommend you visit your preferred location, meet our team, and ensure the suitability of the residence for your loved one.

If you’d like to proceed with TriCare there are a number of steps to complete including providing the required documentation and being assessed by our Clinical Team.

Our on-site team at your chosen Aged Care Residence will support you and your family while you settle in to life in your new home.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our Aged Care Residences provide Dementia Care. However, some of our residences provide a Secure Memory Support Unit. This means that part of the facility has additional security to prevent residents with exit-seeking behaviour from accessing the outside environment without supervision. This part of the facility allows people with dementia to live as independently as possible while ensuring their safety.

If your loved one requires specialised Dementia Care and needs to live within a Secure Memory Support Unit, this will be identified and highlighted in their support plan as part of their ACAT assessment.

Find a Secure Memory Support Unit here.

The costs of living in residential Aged Care are based on a resident’s means determined by Services Australia or between a provider and a resident. You can read more on Costs & Contracts for Residential Aged Care here.

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