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Person-Centred Memory Support

If your loved one requires a high level of support with day-to-day tasks and has been diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer or other cognitive impairments, it may be time to consider Residential Aged Care specialised in dementia care and memory support.

At TriCare, we prioritise providing personalised dementia care in a safe and nurturing environment. Our person-centred approach focuses on treating each resident individually, catering to their unique needs, interests, and challenges during their stay at one of our TriCare memory support units, also known as dementia nursing homes.

Memory Support Inclusions

Memory Support Inclusions

All of TriCare’s Aged Care Residences offer dementia care to ensure your loved one will experience superior clinical and social care in an environment that promotes familiarity, comfort, and independence.

While most people with dementia or cognitive impairments do not require accommodation in a Secure Memory Support Unit, we provide these units for those who may benefit from additional safety, such as wanderers, seniors who become confused or agitated, or those who experience challenging behaviours due to a cognitive condition. Our Secure Memory Support Units allow residents to move freely and access lounges, dining areas, and gardens as they please. These areas are fully secured to provide continued freedom and comfort for our dementia care residents.

At TriCare’s nursing homes for dementia care, residents receive the same care and inclusions as our permanent care residents, plus additional memory support in a dementia-friendly living environment.

Our Dementia Care Services

Our Dementia Care Services

TriCare is committed to delivering compassionate memory support and dementia care services tailored to each resident’s individual needs. Our dedicated team of carers undergoes specialised training to provide compassionate and respectful care. Our dementia care services include:

  • Best practice dementia care and behavioural support – care that is physically, emotionally, and cognitively supportive (including support for challenging behaviour)
  • 24/7 registered nursing care – around the clock care for peace of mind.
  • Allied health services
  • Targeted assistance – including therapy, dietary adjustments, and physical activity
  • Services and support with daily tasks
  • Lifestyle programs provide meaningful and stimulating activities to encourage social engagement and independence
  • Secure Memory Support Unit for residents requiring a secure environment

Dementia Care You Can Count On

Dementia Care You Can Count On

Choosing a nursing home for dementia care can be overwhelming, but our experienced team at TriCare is here to support you and your loved one throughout the transition. With over 55 years of experience in providing specialised aged care, we are dedicated to empowering residents to live as well as they can and ensuring their wellbeing and comfort.

Our friendly and helpful team is available to assist with any questions regarding our Aged Care Residences and memory support and dementia care.

You can send an enquiry online or phone us on 1300 874 2273.

Steps for entry into a TriCare Aged Care Residence

1. Provide ACAT Assessment
The Australian Government funds various care services, including Dementia Care for seniors. To be eligible to receive Aged Care in Australia, your loved one must be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). You can apply for an assessment through My Aged Care, Services Australia.

If you already have an ACAT Assessment, please provide this to our team.

2. Get in touch
Book a FREE Consultation with our Aged Care Specialist Team or call 1300 874 2273. Our team will review your latest ACAT Assessment and ask questions to understand your loved ones’ clinical needs and financial requirements and explain our range of Dementia Care services and accommodation options.

3. Tour a TriCare Residence
We recommend you visit your preferred location, meet our team, and ensure the suitability of the residence for your loved one’s Dementia Care.

4. Complete an Application
If you would like to proceed with TriCare there are a number of steps to complete including providing the required documentation.

5. Accept the Offer of Place and commence your Dementia Care stay
Our on-site team at your chosen Aged Care Residence will support your loved one through their Dementia Care stay.

What our Residents' Loved Ones Have to Say

What our Residents' Loved Ones Have to Say

When Jimmy’s health took a turn last year, he and Gay investigated their options and decided TriCare’s Stafford Lakes Aged Care Residence would be the best place for him to be.

The 24-hour care gives Gay peace of mind that he’s safe and secure, and it’s easy for her to visit, being just around the corner from the couple’s North Brisbane home.

Gay travels daily from the family home in Zillmere to visit her love, Jimmy, who is experiencing the early stages of dementia.

“I come at 8am each day, and we spend a few hours together, either watching TV together or just catching up,” Gay said.

Today, despite circumstances forcing them to live apart, the couple remains inseparable. Find out more about their love story and TriCare’s Stafford Lakes Aged Care Residence here.

Frequently Asked Questions – Dementia Care

Do you assist anyone with Dementia Care?
As a renowned Aged Care and Retirement Living provider, TriCare supports seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other cognitive impairments. If you are unsure about eligibility for our dementia care homes, give our Aged Care Specialist Team a call today at 1300 TRICARE (1300 874 2273).

Can dementia be treated with medication?
Dementia encompasses various conditions, each with its own progression and symptoms. Medication and therapies may help manage symptoms and slow the progression of the disease. It’s crucial to consult a doctor regularly to discuss the most suitable treatment plan. Ultimately, any treatments should be discussed with a Doctor and reviewed regularly.

Will I have access to a specialist neurologist, geriatrician or psychiatrist?
Our TriCare nursing homes or Secure Memory Support Units offer different services and access to allied health services. For more information on available services, schedule a FREE consultation with one of our Aged Care Specialists at 1300 TRICARE (1300 874 2273).

Is there a difference between your Aged Care Residences that offer Secure Memory Support Units and those that don’t?
All of our Aged Care Residences provide Dementia Care. However, some of our residences provide a Secure Memory Support Unit. This means that part of the facility has additional security to prevent residents with exit-seeking behaviour from accessing the outside environment without supervision. This part of the facility allows people with dementia to live as independently as possible while ensuring their safety.

If your loved one requires specialised Dementia Care and needs to live within a Secure Memory Support Unit, this will be identified and highlighted in their support plan as part of their ACAT assessment. Find a Secure Memory Support Unit here.

What should I expect to pay?
The costs of living in nursing homes is determined by Services Australia. For more information, refer to Costs & Contracts for Residential Aged Care.

Ready To Take The Next Step In Dementia Aged Care?
At TriCare we are passionate about providing the highest level of Dementia Care and support. If you or a loved one are living with dementia and would like to learn more about our Dementia Care and Secure Memory Support Units, call 1300 TRICARE (1300 874 2273) and have a chat with a member of our Aged Care Specialist Team. 

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