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A day in the life: Kim Edwards, Admin Officer at Hastings Point

You could be forgiven for thinking our admin team at TriCare hide away in offices, but they’re actually as much of a part of our residents’ community of carers as everyone else, and they love nothing more than to get involved in the day-to-day activities. We asked our Admin Officer Kim Edwards to share what a day in her life looks like at Hastings Point Retirement Community. Here’s what we learned.

Arriving at work

Kim is lucky enough to live close to work, so when she’s feeling energetic she loves to cycle along the magnificent Tweed coastline to work.

“We are so fortunate to have a bike path that runs from Kingscliff to Pottsville, running straight past the village,” she says. “Whether I drive or ride, I get to take in beautiful natural environment of Hastings Point headland and adjacent Cudgera Creek, which are loved by the local community and enjoyed by an increasing number of visitors each year. As you could imaging this sets up my day perfectly!” 

Kim’s shift begins at 8am, and she works until 3pm Monday to Thursday. She says the part-time hours suit her perfectly as she gets closer to retirement herself.

“My official title is Administration Officer,” she says, “however we all like to refer to ourselves as team members.”

Fuelled by a good cup of tea, Kim heads to reception to open up and ensure it’s tidy and ready for the day ahead. 

Up and at ’em!

Kim is the friendly face that contractors and workers see first thing, and she ensures everyone knows where they’re going as they head off to maintain Hastings Point’s beautiful facilities, gardens and grounds.

“Hastings Point is a vibrant and active community, so the early risers pop into reception to say g’day, while our resident bike group stop for a chat after their ride to Kingscliff for their early morning coffee,” she says. 

“We watch the croquet group head off to the field for their game and morning tea and the ladies are gathering in the downstairs lounge for a game of mah-jong or two. Later in the morning we hear the ladies playing pool in the upstairs lounge (we are not sure how much pool is actually being played by the peals of laughter raining from above!).” 

Coffee time

It’s usually around this time that reception becomes a hive of activity, with residents and visitors heading to the on-site cafe to relax and socialise.

“The cafe has quickly become the ‘place to be’, thanks to our new cafe managers Luca and Georgia, who bring their love of all things Italian to every dish!”, says Kim.

Communication is key

Meanwhile at ‘Mission Control’ (as the office team is fondly called by the residents), Kim is busy creating content such as news stories, photo galleries, events and activities for the new Bubble app – a communication tool for residents and staff that helps the community stay connected and keep tabs on any activities or news.

“Although Bubble has been embraced by our community and is now well established, we also provide ongoing technical (and sometimes emotional!) support in downloading it, setting up accounts, and navigating the many features,” says Kim. “We are always on the lookout for great photo opportunities to post and share and encourage residents to contribute.”

Kim also writes the monthly resident newsletter, which is full of activities and events, resident contributions and useful village information. The newsletter is also the mode of communication for those residents who have not yet embraced the Bubble app.

“I absolutely love this part of my role,” says Kim, “because it releases my inner graphic designer and editor!”

A vibrant community

Kim’s favourite part of my day is interacting with residents, many of whom have lived at Hastings Point for over 10 years.

“It is my privilege to work in such a vibrant community, to learn about our residents’ histories, their families, past careers, their travels both past and future, their passions and absolute zest for life,” says Kim. “If you think living in a retirement village is just for ‘oldies’, I can vouch there is still a lot of life to be lived. I am also proud of the relationships I have built all of which are based on mutual trust and respect.” 

What a team!

Kim is quick to point out that none of her work can be done alone.

“It really does take a team, and I feel so blessed to work with such a tight-knit and supportive one,” she says. “From the Village Manager to the Maintenance Operator and Cleaning Services, our focus is the same, to provide excellence in service and exceed the expectations of our residents.”

We’re so grateful to have such dedicated and caring team members like Kim. They make our Retirement Communities what they are: a true community. Thanks Kim!

If you would like to find out more about Hastings Point Retirement Community, please click here.

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