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A Trusted Residential Aged Care Provider

With over 55 years of experience, TriCare is a trusted leader in Residential Aged Care. Our approach integrates comprehensive clinical care with personalised assistance and a variety of enriching daily and social activities, all tailored to enhance the quality of life for our residents. 

At TriCare, we offer more than care; we ensure each day is fulfilling and enriching for every resident, making our facilities a place they are proud to call home.

We Care Like Family

We Care Like Family

At TriCare, our family-oriented approach means we treat each resident with the utmost compassion and respect. Our 24/7 comprehensive care ensures that families can have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are in excellent hands.

Our facilities are manned by skilled Facility Managers, Clinical Managers, Registered Nurses, Qualified Carers, and Lifestyle Coordinators, who can manage a spectrum of complex care needs including Respite Care, Memory Support and Palliative Care.

Nourishment for the Body & Soul

Nourishment for the Body & Soul

Dining at TriCare Aged Care Residences is an experience on its own, featuring diverse, healthy, and delicious meal options prepared daily by our dedicated Chefs. Collaborating closely with Dietitians and residents, our seasonal menus cater to a wide range of dietary needs, ensuring every meal is a delightful and social occasion.

We welcome family and friends to join, reinforcing the joys of communal dining and strengthening bonds over shared meals.

Supportive Communities With Engaging Activities

Supportive Communities With Engaging Activities

Life at TriCare is enriched with activities and connections, inlcuding a variety of activities tailored to individual interests, promoting active engagement and camaraderie. Whether it’s arts and crafts, cooking classes, music sessions, or social outings, our Lifestyle Teams curate diverse programs that resonate with our residents’ hobbies and preferences, fostering meaningful friendships along the way.

Each TriCare Aged Care Residence also features recreational amenities such as cafes, beauty salons, cinema rooms, outdoor areas, and libraries, ensuring that every day is filled with opportunities for joy and connection.

Our Residential Aged Care Options

Permanent Care

Full-time care for seniors, including Dementia and Palliative Care

Respite Care

Short-term care for caregivers to rest and recharge, for a few days or weeks

Dementia & Specialised Care

Dedicated and specialised care in a secure, homely environment

Feedback From Our Residents & Their Families

My mum moved in just before Covid-19 hit. I couldn’t ask for better care and attention to detail afforded to her. Many thanks to the managers, nurses, staff and kitchen for everything you do. It really is much appreciated by our family.

Tess Beck (Annerley Aged Care Residence)

Staff always happy, greet you with a smile. My mother, a resident for the last 4 years has always been cared and looked after exceptionally well, she is contented and has no negative feelings for any of the carers what is most important.

Craig Appleby (Labrador Aged Care Residence)

I have both my parents living at TriCare Toowoomba in a companion room. They are very settled and happy, love the care they get from all the staff, the activities and the food. They don’t want to be anywhere else. I have found the property nice and clean, uncluttered, welcoming for everyone (including the family dog), well maintained outdoor garden areas, and the staff are like family.

Nina Bradshaw (Toowoomba Aged Care Residence)

Discover TriCare’s Residential Aged Care Locations

Aged care worker and resident

Why and When To Choose Residential Aged Care?

As our loved ones age, they may face health challenges that demand constant attention, often exceeding the care family members can offer at home. This need becomes even more pressing when safety concerns arise, such as the risk of falls or emergencies requiring immediate medical intervention. TriCare residential aged care facilities are designed to meet these needs, providing a secure environment with dedicated staff who deliver expert care every hour of the day.

Caregiving can be both physically and emotionally exhausting for family members. When the daily tasks and medical responsibilities become overwhelming, it’s a sign that support is needed. Residential facilities offer that crucial support, with trained professionals providing expert care to ensure the wellbeing of your loved ones.

Many elderly individuals experience social isolation, which can lead to depression and a decline in physical health. Residential Aged Care Residences offer opportunities for social interaction, activities, and companionship, which are crucial for maintaining emotional and mental health.

Healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, or social workers often provide valuable insights into the suitability of residential care based on their assessments of an individual’s overall health and capabilities. Recognising and acting upon these recommendations can guide families in making informed decisions.

When it becomes clear that living at home is limiting someone’s quality of life — whether due to limited social interactions, personalised care, or safe living conditions — residential aged care becomes a valuable option to enhance their daily living, offering tailored care programs, safety, and community life.

Want to know more about Residential Aged Care? Please have a look at our Aged Care Frequently Asked Questions. 

Steps to Navigate Your Residential Aged Care Journey

Download Our Guide to Residential Aged Care

Download Our Guide to Residential Aged Care

Download the guide to learn more about how to access and choose the right aged care facility for your loved one.

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