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Meet the team: Ashley Bowkett

Providing an exceptional lifestyle is essential at all TriCare Aged Care Residences. It’s the difference between a place where you lay your head at night and a place that feels like home. At Jindalee Aged Care Residence, the Facility Manager that creates its welcoming atmosphere is Ashley Bowkett.

Ashley started working with TriCare as the Jindalee Facility Manager (FM) two years ago.

“I got into Aged Care after leaving the British Navy after twelve years of service, moving to Sydney and starting an administration role for a Sydney Aged Care provider” explains Ashley.

The feeling of giving back to seniors was a fulfilment that had been missing from his career up until that point. He worked his way up the management ladder to facility management, and upon moving to Brisbane, he was drawn to TriCare as a family-owned and operated company.

The role of FM is ideal for Ashley as it appeals to his desire to look after people. As FM, he is responsible for every one of the residents at Jindalee Aged Care Residence and every staff member on the Jindalee Team. He is responsible for ensuring that everyone receives the best care possible with an emphasis on quality of life. Ashley strives to see each resident smiling every day and living their best life within the facility.

“Being from a non-clinical background, I work really hard to care for the hearts, mental, and emotional wellbeing of our residents, in addition to their clinical needs,” says Ashley.

He believes that enjoyment of life is just as important as medicine provided by a doctor. Ashley balances his responsibilities daily between the office and spending time around the facility, talking and caring for residents and guiding staff. His priority is to confirm that residents are happy and enjoying life so he can assure families that their loved ones are happy and healthy.

Ashley is a people person and enjoys meeting families and residents – for him, it is the best part of the job.

“What I love most about my role is meeting the families and being on the journey with them through settling their loved ones into the residence. It’s wonderful to see them blossom as they start this new chapter of their lives.”

He also loves working with every member of the Jindalee Team to ensure the facility runs smoothly. Ashley often witnesses residents’ appreciation for his team as they see to everyone’s needs with compassion, patience, and a smile – exactly how they would treat their own family members. Combined with support to maintain independence and dignity of life, it creates a beautiful dynamic between residents and staff.

Luckily for the very social Ashley, the Jindalee Aged Care Residence has a wide range of fascinating personalities! From the large group of veterans who enjoy each other’s camaraderie (which Ashley can appreciate given his experience in the Navy), to the ladies that love hanging out with the FM (a “younger man”), Ashley often finds himself enjoying an afternoon tea with many fascinating and fun-loving residents!

Some residents simply enjoy having Ashley pop in from time to time to ask how they are going, especially if it is a day that their family is not visiting. All these interactions help to make Jindalee the warm and communal place it is.

To Ashley, the diverse spectrum of residents at Jindalee can best be described as a unique family. It is a family that he nurtures to keep thriving while retaining its homely appeal, and we trust that Ashley’s steady hand will keep Jindalee a wonderful place to live and work.

Learn more about Jindalee Aged Care Residence here or book a tour!