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Meet the team: Preeti Singh

TriCare has always attracted a certain kind of person to its team. Though they perform a wide range of tasks and bring diverse expertise, the people who work at TriCare all have the same goal to care for and improve the lives of seniors and their families. Preeti Singh exemplifies this spirit and we are extremely lucky to have her on our team. She is the Business Support Officer (BSO) at our newest Aged Care Residence in Williams Landing, Melbourne.

TriCare Aged Care Residence Williams Landing blog - Preeti Singh

Preeti joined TriCare earlier this year after many years working in the aged care sector, enriching seniors’ lives as Lifestyle Coordinator. Her experience working one-on-one with residents and friendly communication skills make her the ideal person to support individuals and their families through the admission process into Residential Aged Care. Preeti is particularly aware that the transition can be a delicate and emotional journey, and she handles it with compassion and empathy.

In her current role as BSO, a typical day for Preeti involves meeting with prospective residents and their families, providing tours of the residence, and supporting them through the entire admission process. Every resident’s situation is different, and therefore no day is the same. Whichever task is on her plate, Preeti can be relied on to approach it with positivity and a generous spirit.

“I work in Aged Care to serve the people in our community. I find it heart-warming to be able to make a positive difference to not only their day but their overall quality of life,” she said.

Working in the new Williams Landing Aged Care Residence, Preeti gets numerous opportunities to support others.

There is a sense of purpose associated with my job at TriCare Williams Landing. It comes from interacting with prospective clients and assisting them to make the best choices and the most informed decision of what exceptional seniors living looks like.

Preeti is an important information resource for prospective residents and their families. Some of the most common questions she is asked relate to the lifestyle activities offered, food options, and visiting hours.

She is also in an ideal position to answer questions about what it’s like to live in Williams Landing, as she is a local herself!

“I live near my workplace and feel blessed that I can continue pursuing my passion to serve the elderly and be part of a vibrant multicultural society which has many activities on offer for someone like me who is bringing up a young family.”

Our new Williams Landing Aged Care Residence is fortunate to have Preeti’s nurturing and caring attention and expertise. If you would like to find out more about the new Williams Landing Aged Care Residence, you can do so here on their webpage, or book in a tour here and meet the wonderful Preeti!

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