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Maintenance services in Retirement Communities

Picture it: You’re recently retired and a vista of free time to do as you please stretch out before you. Sounds like bliss, right? But before you can truly relax and enjoy your new lifestyle, you should probably get onto fixing that bit of guttering that’s come loose. And then organise the living room air conditioner to be fixed. And then make sure the pool is treated before springtime rolls around. The lawn could do with a bit of a spruce up too.

That “free time” isn’t sounding quite so free now, is it?

Luckily, there’s a solution for these ongoing maintenance responsibilities that doesn’t require constantly booking and waiting on tradespeople or risking injury (and stress!) doing it yourself.

Retirement Community living is the perfect option for those who want to maximise their lifestyle and minimise hassle, because in a Retirement Community, most maintenance is taken care of. Whether it’s mowing the lawn or fixing a leaking tap, the expert maintenance team at your Retirement Community will be on the job at the speed of light, leaving you to deal with more important concerns – such as whether you’ll go for a quick dip in the pool or meet friends for a catch-up at the café.

Here are just a few of the jobs that your on-site maintenance team can manage for you:

✔ lawn and garden maintenance

✔ moving heavy furniture

✔ outdoor maintenance, such as clearing gutters

✔ basic household tasks such as changing light bulbs or fixing creaky fixtures

✔ household repairs, including minor plumbing and electrical repairs

Maintenance teams are also responsible for keeping the grounds and facilities of the community looking their best, so you never have to worry when family or friends come to call.

Cameron, who is a Maintenance Officer at Mt Gravatt Retirement Community, ensures residents can relax in beautifully cared-for surroundings.

Every day is different and exciting, and the sense of joy I get from performing my role as a MO here at the Mount Gravatt Retirement Community is incredible. I am very proud of the relationship between staff and community here and look forward to coming to work each day!

TriCare Retirement Communities blog - maintenance services

In addition, there’s no time like the present to consider the future. You might be happy, healthy, active, and able right now, but none of us are guaranteed good health as we age. This is a key point to consider when thinking about your preferred retirement lifestyle now, and into the future. Some questions to ponder now, before they’re needed are:

How do you plan to manage maintenance, repairs, or heavy manual tasks as you age?

Will your current home’s ongoing repair and maintenance costs put a crimp on your finances?

What will happen if you have an accident or illness in the future and can’t manage heavy physical tasks like mowing the lawn?

Is your current home designed for easy access or modification? Should it ever be needed?

While there are obvious benefits to remaining in the family home or downsizing to a smaller dwelling, choosing to live in a Retirement Community can provide peace of mind for right now and further down the track.

TriCare Runaway Bay Village Manager, Malcolm Payne says that one of the main reasons people move into retirement living is to reduce the burden that often comes with maintaining a family home as you get older. Malcom says, “Our maintenance program ensures that residents can enjoy the lifestyle TriCare Runaway Bay offers without having to worry about mowing the lawns, painting the house, or tidying up around the garden.”

For more information on how Retirement Community living can take the weight off your mind when it comes to home maintenance, contact TriCare now on 07 3600 9000 or book a tour at any of our welcoming communities.

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